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SERVICES: Messenger Service & Court Runs

At Legal Copy Cats, we understand that the most important delivery we make is yours! Our messenger services division has been ‘running’ now for over a decade!

Court Run Services

Our legal couriers are fast, experienced, competent and reliable. They know where to go, who to see and what to do! Each one is trained to be familiar with the courthouses, clerks and knowledgeable about court procedures. You can’t beat us!

  • • Legal Filings - We have experience filing legal documents in the Federal, State and local courts. If there is any issue with the document being filed, we will attempt to resolve the issue while at court!
  • • Document/Record Retrieval from any trial or case
  • • Obtain Judges’ Signatures
  • • Record Documents
  • • Check Attorney Folders
  • • Deliveries to Courtroom and Judge’s Chambers
  • • Rush, Last Minute and Lickety-Split Services!

Concierge Courier Services

Sometimes you just need a little help to get "things" to and from where they need to be. We can take care of that for you!

Inter Office Deliveries and Pick-Ups – Do you need to get a signature from another law firm? Exchange documents? Drop off a settlement check? We can help!

Law Firm Deliveries and Pick-Ups – Do you need paperwork picked up from a team member working remotely? Do you need a drop off at USPS, FedEx or UPS? Do you need that terminated employee’s equipment picked up?

We offer flexible plans…

Messenger Services / Runs as Needed (our most popular plan!) – each run is individually priced based on service area. Only pay for what you need!

Monthly Retainer Fees – all court runs in a month are covered under a standard monthly retainer fee and non-court runs are individually priced based on service area. Monthly retainer fees are quoted on an individual basis based on volume and frequency of court runs.

Customized Plans – based on a variety of services such as daily pick-ups, scheduled times, frequency of stops, volume…all determined by your actual needs and nothing more! We will work with you!

We provide…

  • - Same day Delivery & Pick-up
  • - Expedited Services
  • - Court Fees Advanced
  • - Parcel Distribution
  • - Security
  • - Confidentiality
  • - Service with a Smile!

We serve…

  • Las Vegas
  • North Las Vegas
  • Henderson
  • Pahrump

Free Delivery Offer!

Establish a new monthly customer account today and we will provide you with one delivery free! Call Mario at 702.338.7808 for details and give us a try!

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