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Scanning and Conversion of Historical Records

You’re Paying Way Too Much in Physical Storage Fees!!

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You’re likely paying too much to store and access your sensitive documents. Most professionals, when plagued with countless bulky boxes, send them to a pricey storage facility. Paper files rack up lots of monthly fees. Our Archiving Service presents a clear set of advantages. After conversion, hard drives, thumb drives and the like can easily store back-up files securely. There is no risk of the files being tampered with, lost or damaged by unforeseen events. PDF files take up little to no space in the office, making the need for a storage locker or third-party warehouse obsolete.

Our most common archiving request is the imaging of legal and medical records. These offices produce and receive endless amounts of paper that they legally must retain for years. Law offices especially can have cases with so much paperwork that they span dozens of file boxes. Some require indefinite retention! Hundreds of boxes locked up in expensive and inaccessible physical storage for many ears is not an ideal, convenient or economical solution. A high volume document archiving service is a great way to convert large amounts of documents to digital images and easy online record storage. Bulk conversion services save you time and money.

What Does our Archiving Service Offer You? How Does it Work?

Legal Copy Cats will remove the physical files from your location and use our software to securely image and name the files in a way that makes sense with your current organization. We store them for you on our secure server or transfer them to USB flash drives or CDs for your use on your computer. Our document scanning service allows your files to be accessible, easily searchable and helps free up your space. Converting documents to digital files saves time, money and provides a lower risk of loss or damage. Conversion services are easy and a much more affordable solution than long-term physical storage! File access is instantaneous and 24/7!

At Legal Copy Cats, our staff commits to full confidentiality, accuracy and we keep your current organized files intact. Each file folder, binder or separated section will remain in a single PDF and named exactly as indicated. Our goal is to customize our conversion services to work perfectly for your specific needs. Having all documents digitally converted makes accessing, searching and storing your files as easy and straightforward as possible while saving you space in your office or business!

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Our scanning department provides personal service in converting your documents from hard copy to a digital format. After assessing your document activity level and general business needs, we can develop a plan to get it done – all at once, in stages or as you direct! We will scan all those bankers boxes, storage cabinets and file folders to a digital format that is accessible 24 hours a day!

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